Wednesday, March 20, 2024

#80 / Really?

Among his other enterprises, Elon Musk heads up a company called Neuralink. On January 29th, the company achieved what it calls a "major milestone," as it successfully embedded what amounts to a specially designed computer chip into a human brain. The "patient is recovering well," says Musk

The article just linked above states that "Musk and Neuralink did not provide further details about who received the implant or whether it was working. It is not yet clear how many humans will be part of the trials, but the Neuralink website says the first-in-human clinical trials are open for recruitment."

Want to have a link put into YOUR brain? Just click that "open for recruitment" link above. Maybe, one of those links will let you browse the Internet without actually having to type anything into your browser. 

Maybe, the link will let Elon Musk make you do what HE thinks you should do.

Really? Could that happen?

Well, sign up now if you'd like to find out!

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