Sunday, February 25, 2024

#56 / Ears

Whenever I write out and publish one of these blog postings - and I have published one every day, since January 1, 2010 - a question always comes to mind: Will anyone actually read this? I do feel compelled to ask myself that question, which then, almost always, leads to another: Is there a way, right now, right at the start, that I could grab the attention of a potential reader, grab that reader by the throat (so to speak), and get my point across?

Candidly, if I felt I had a good answer to that question, I think I would write a whole book!

Jesus, who never wrote anything down himself (at least as far as we know), was successful, it seems, in getting his message out. It appears that Jesus approached things this way, with this proclamation: “He who has ears to hear…. Let him hear.

“He, she, or they,” of course. Let me correct Jesus on that!

You'll get my point, I am sure. Jesus had faith. He didn't need a plan to "pre-sell" the Gospel. He pretty much expected that the Word would get out to those who needed to hear it. All he needed to do was to "tell it like it is."

With a little bit of faith, along those lines, I think I could write a whole book!

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