Wednesday, February 14, 2024

#45/ A Valentine's Day Suggestion


While I am not teaching classes at UCSC this Quarter, I have taught a lot of classes there. I have never, however, had an opportunity to teach students at an Elementary School level. Thus, I have never had the occasion to suggest to my students that they should celebrate the day by way of an in-class Valentine's Day Art Project. 

Since I am inclined to think that Valentine's Day should not be just one more "Hallmark Holiday," basicly intended to benefit the companies that manufacture greeting cards, I would like to suggest that those wishing to celebrate the day might best do that, and recognize the holiday, with a handmade tribute. 

Click the link for instructions on how to craft a simple Valentine's Day Art Project For Elementary School. And consider undertaking such an art project for ALL of your Valentine's Day needs!

Below, I am providing a Valentine directed to any person who might be reading this blog posting. Let me send love and affection to those who are willing to read what I'm writing, and to think about what I'm saying!

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