Saturday, February 3, 2024

#34 / A Swift Endorsement?


I guess it is not strictly necessary for me to identify the two persons who are pictured above. Just in case there are some readers who don't follow celebrities, however, that's football player Travis Kelce on the left. Songwriter and singer Taylor Swift is pictured on the right. It may well be that they're in love. Or.... that their romance (as demonstrated in the photo - and in lots of other photos, too) is a  "pretended romance," and that their hugs and kisses are actually part of a political Psyop." 

"Psyop," by the way, means "psychological operation." Here's a definition of "psyop" from Wikipedia: "Operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their motives and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and large foreign powers."

It seems that both Kelce and Swift endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Maybe they are going to do it again? Maybe they are going to do it right after the Kansas City Chiefs (Kelce's team) wins the Superbowl next weekend? My apologies if you are a Forty-Niners fan. Some people, I know, have not conceded that the Chiefs are the inevitable winners in that upcoming Superbowl showdown. 

At any rate, as The Journal notes, some supporters of former president Trump apprently believe that a Kelce-Swift presidential endorsement is coming up soon, and that possibility is driving those Trump fans crazy. The Wall Street Journal, taking account of this concern by Trump supporters, has written an editorial about the possibility. Click the link to read it, and if you are a nonsubscriber, see if The Journal's paywall will let you sneak through. 

Since Bob Dylan, another singer-songwriter, is not mentioned by The Journal, and has never snuggled up with Taylor Swift (at least as far as I know), I have not really been paying much attention to the Swift-Kelce romance (or to the Kelce-Swift connection as a potential "psyop"). I am, though, paying attention to the upcoming presidential election, and the last couple of paragraphs of The Journal's editorial raise what I consider to be a pertinent inquiry:

Maybe the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl, or maybe not. Maybe Ms. Swift and Mr. Kelce will live happily ever after, in a world-historical setback for the art form of breakup songs, or maybe not. Maybe she will endorse Mr. Biden again, or maybe not. But the CIA isn’t orchestrating it all, and neither are the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Elvis, JFK, Bigfoot, Opus Dei, or alien lizard people living among us.
A question, though, for the trolls: If they believe defeating Mr. Trump is so easy that Mr. Biden can do it merely by getting an endorsement from a singer who backed him in 2020, doesn’t that suggest the GOP might be making a mistake by nominating such a weak candidate? [Emphasis added]

Like I say, that's a pertinent inquiry. Any Trump-supporting readers might want to write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper, or take other, comparable action, to suggest that any decision, at this point, to pick Trump to lead the Republican Party into the 2024 presidential elections, might be another kind of "swift endorsement," and one that is not well thought through.

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