Sunday, January 14, 2024

#14 / Spectator Politics

Pictured above is Andrew Mitrovica, who is a professor in the Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design at Sheridan College. Sheridan is located in Ontario, Canada. 

Recently, Mitrovica authored an article titled, "Biden is no different than Trump." Gramatically speaking, it would be better if the sentence just quoted were actually rendered as "no different from Trump," but grammar aside, do we want to accept Mitrovica's assertion? Do we want to disseminate Mitrovica's article to our friends and neighbors? 

For what it's worth, I would like to suggest that we don't want to do either one. People might actually start to believe that what Mitrovica is saying is "true," and I think that promoting Mitrovica's views is contraindicated. 

People are pretty angry, today, about politics - and for some very good reasons - but reading Mitrovica (particularly if asked to do so by a friend or acquaintance) may lead some people actually to believe that that there is no difference between Biden and Trump; that they are "the same." Accepting that characterization would lead, naturally, to the conclusion that there is no reason to care who wins the presidency in this November's election. 

In fact, Biden and Trump are NOT the same, and it matters a great deal who wins the presidency. If a person is promoting Mitrovica's views, most will conclude that the person who is doing so is putting his or her personal stamp of approval on what Mitrovica says. To the degree that this occurs, the person promoting the idea that Biden and Trump are "the same" will actually be helping to advance the Trump candidacy and the Trump agenda. 

For those who would like to explore how the difference between Trump and Biden might best be characterized, you could do worse than a recent blog posting by Robert B. Hubbell, "Trump Is A Loser, Tell A Friend." Here's how Hubbell puts it: 

It’s complicated. And simple. Donald Trump is a loser. Joe Biden is a good and decent man working to save democracy. Biden needs our help. Let’s give it to him.

I spoke, in my blog posting yesterday, about the need to focus on "governance," not "grievance." If you are reading this blog posting, but missed that one, you can click right here to see what I was saying yesterday. Whether you do that, or not, I hope that anyone who comes across Mitrovica's article will not "bite" on the invitation that Mitrovica extends to conclude that Trump and Biden are "the same." I, personally, believe that it's pretty clear that Trump and Biden are, in fact, quite “different.” 

Biden, of course, is far from a “perfect president.” I will certainly admit that. However, most people don’t have a “perfect” job, either. They realize, nonetheless, without even having to think about it, that that if they quit the job they have, because it’s not perfect, the results will not be an immediate improvement in their life. Quite the contrary. 

Politics needs people who will work for improvements (for better "governance," in other words), not people consumed with "grievance," who carp and criticize on the sidelines about all the failures that are so obvious. 

“Spectator” politics is not really politics at all. 

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