Thursday, December 28, 2023

#362 / Ever? Or Only Until Next Year?

The image above, showing a picture of the depleted Solimões River in Careiro da Várzea, Brazil, is related to a story that appeared on Page A6 of the December 1, 2023, edition of The New York Times. In providing that reference, I am, of course, referring to  the "hardcopy" version of the paper, which is how I read The Times, each morning. The screenshot I am featuring is from the "online" edition of The Times. Nonsubscribers can click right here to see if The Times' paywall will let you read that story. [A more recent story, published by The Times on December 29, 2023, the day after I published this blog posting, makes the same point.] That story can be found by clicking right here. Paywall permitting, of course!

I am providing the above image simply to be able to pose the question that I have asked in the "Title" for today's posting to this daily blog.

A New Year will soon be with us. Unless massive changes occur in how we deal with our continued burning of hydrocarbon fuels, the question I raise is all too pertinent. 2023 was the "hottest year." Is that record going to be "ever"? Or "only until next year"?

What has come to mind, for me, as I consider the question, is the name of that long-ago, war-related song, "It's A Long, Long Way To Tipperary."

In terms of Global Warming "Tipping Points," it is not that far, actually, until we really do get "tipped." Just to be clear, we are definitely not going to have a "Happy New Year," in 2024, if we don't take effective action to make sure that 2023 remains our "hottest" year ever - forever! Period! No more! Never again! We can't permit it to get even hotter!

I have, of course, made this point before, so when I say, "Happy New Year" to all who may be reading this, that wish now comes with a warning.  

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