Tuesday, December 26, 2023

#360 / Candles


Today is one of those "BIG" birthdays for me. You, know, the ones that end with zeros! 

I know, as I think about it, that age will either sweeten us up, or make us resentful that our lives are "finite," to use a neutral term - and to avoid using words like "death," "dying," and "die." In the past, I have been more explicit, reminding us all that we do need to remember that we will die: Memento Mori! I am not trying to run away from the implications that accompany those ever-bigger "zero" birthdays. 

In fact, today, on one of those birthdays with lots of candles, I am remembering a meditation I wrote about back in November, the "Angel's Bargain." That was a "Thanksgiving" meditation (from a friend, Jim Burklo, which I passed on to those who read this blog). That Thanksgiving blog post is, perhaps, the blog posting, this year, of which I am happiest, which I think might be the most "helpful" to those who do read what I write, either every day or occasionally.

So, if you are so inclined, check back on that "Angel's Bargain" blog posting from Thanksgiving.  

In a lot of ways, I have had a very tough year, with a "syncope" right at the beginning, and with some unfortunate and unfinished business still pending at UCSC, where I have been an instructor in the Legal Studies Program for over ten years.

Still, tough year or not, I continue to be ready to say, "Yes" to the "Angel's Bargain." I hope you are, too. A birthday is, probably, a pretty good day to revisit the topic (sort of like making sure you take the car in to the dealer, regularly, for a safety check).

You will remember, I trust, the crucial phrase, the one by which we "seal the deal." 


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