Wednesday, November 22, 2023

#326 / Less

A bulletin from a Fox News affiliate in Las Vegas popped into my email inbox not too long ago. Here is the headline that grabbed my attention: 

As far as I know there is no paywall that would prevent you from reading this news story. Just click that link. If you haven't heard about the latest water conservation efforts affecting the Colorado River, that would be one easy way to get a quick briefing. 

When I read the headline, and then read the article, this is the word that appeared on my mental blackboard - chalked out in big, bold letters: 


"Conservation" is the "nice" way of saying it. In almost every aspect of our lives, and particularly in everything that relates to our use of natural resources, "less," not "more," must be our watchword. "Less," not "more," must be our objective. In other words, it's time for human civilization to "shift gears." It's time to "downshift." 

This advisory is provided just in case you haven't already figured that out, yourself!

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