Wednesday, October 18, 2023

#291 / How About Now?


If you are my age, I am pretty sure you have heard the song I am featuring here. If you are a lot younger - if you are, perhaps, the age I was when I first heard it - this song might just be new. And just in case that might be true, here is a link to the lyrics.  

Particularly if you don't know this song - but in any case - please play it! 

Please listen! 

Please answer the question, as best you can: "When Will They Ever Learn?"

In life, as in many arcade games, we only get a limited number of chances to try our luck. 

Right now (my thought), we are just about to tally out of opportunities to try our chances just "one  more time." 

When will THEY ever learn?  Let's make it personal!

When will WE ever learn?

That's the real question!

In our time, as time runs out....


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