Friday, October 6, 2023

#279 / Yellowknife


Today's brief blog post can best be understood as a follow-up to yesterday's brief blog post. The "generalization" advanced yesterday was that there is no longer any ability to engage in "away living," if there ever was any such ability. The truth of that observation was reinforced for me by a message from Bill McKibben, which I received the day after actually writing my October 5th blog posting.

The picture above shows a line of people waiting for evacuation from Yellow Knife, Canada, which was mentioned by McKibben in his August 18, 2023, statement. That statement was titled, "An Ever-Smaller Board On Which To Play The Human Game." 

As McKibben wrote near the end of August, Yellow Knife was threatened with the kind of destruction visited on Lahaina, Maui earlier in the month. Things don't look too dire in the photo above, but McKibben's statement was accompanied by the following image, which does look a lot like the photos we saw as fire descended upon Lahaina:

Here is the specific statement by McKibben that captured my attention: 

It’s important—in this year that has seen global warming come fully to life—to describe accurately what’s happening on our planet. And one key thing is: the number of places humans can safely live is now shrinking (emphasis in original).

In yesterday's blog posting, I included an image of Earth from space. If you can't visualize it, you can revisit that image by clicking right here. We're in this together, now more than ever. 

Just one more reminder, this one coming from Yellow Knife, Canada!

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