Wednesday, October 4, 2023

#277 / Reading Some "Out Of Date" News


The news article above is a little "out of date." Or, maybe calling it "out of date" isn't exactly accurate. I guess it depends on how you define "out of date." 

It has definitely been more than 100 years since this news article appeared in The Rodnen & Otramatea Times, a newspaper that was published in New Zealand. However, while the news story is ancient, the subject matter is certainly very relevant today. In that sense, the article is exactly the opposite of "out of date."   

According to Wikipedia, this news story actually appeared even before its publication in New Zealand. In March 1912, in Popular Mechanics, the exact same information was provided to readers in the United States. This news about what we now call "global warming" also appeared, it seems, in The Plainfield Courier-News. That's a New Jersey newspaper. The date on the Courier-News article is June 14, 1912. The article from New Zealand is now floating around the Internet, where a friend of mine saw it, and forwarded it on to me. 

As noted above, the topic of global warming is definitely not "out of date." I do note, though, that the news article from 1912 was a lot more "optimistic" than we can allow ourselves to be, today. 

In 1912, the news sources covering the topic told us that the continued burning of hydrocarbon fuels might have  a considerable effect "in a few centuries."

Well, we can update that report now. Here's Lahaina, pictured below. And here's New Zealand. We don't have "centuries" to stop burning hydrocarbon fuels. Maybe (on the optimistic side) we might have a decade or two. 

Just to keep you up to date!

Maui, August 2023

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