Saturday, September 30, 2023

#273 / A Brief Lesson

The image above is one I posted to my Facebook feed, way back in 2019. Someone recently drew it to my attention, by reposting it, all these years later.

The brief "lesson" conveyed above - as briefly stated - is not, really, that hard to grasp. When economic resources are sequestered by those who already have a lot of them, then those who could benefit from collective efforts to provide assistance (through governmental programs that provide health care, for instance - or that provide job training, or subsidies for education, as other examples) will NOT get such assistance, since the government won't have the money to fund the programs. That will make things worse for everybody. 

Those who keep their money safe from taxes don't need assistance, and so leaving them with their sequestered funds, instead of taxing the wealthy for programs that provide assistance to the majority who don't have lots of money, does not provide any stimulus to the economy. The "don't tax the rich" advocates may well see the economy "tank." Providing the funding to provide programs that help the less well-off is a good way to provide economic benefits to everyone. The economy is likely to "boom."

This long-ago Facebook posting illustrates the fact - economically, and otherwise - that "we are all in this together."

Brief lesson now concluded. 


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