Friday, August 18, 2023

#230 / Don't Shoot The Messenger


The guy pictured above is Chris Gloninger. He is a meteorologist.  You know, a guy who studies the weather. In this case, Gloninger not only studied the weather, he talked about it on television. 

He talked about it, that is, until he got death threats. Then he quit. 

In a story that ran in my hometown newspaper on Sunday, July 9, 2023, reporters from The Associated Press told readers that "Des Moines meteorologist Chris Gloninger received death threats and sustained harassment over his coverage of climate change. Gloninger says the stress led to a PTSD diagnosis and ultimately a decision to leave television."
There is a long tradition of "shooting the messenger." You can read about it in Wikipedia, by clicking this link. As that Wikipedia article makes clear, "shooting the messenger" is not recommended. Killing the guy who tells you the truth very seldom results in anything positive. In fact, "bad news" messages should be thought of as a gift, not an attack. 

So, and I hope no one is going to kill me for saying so, let me tell you that what Gloninger called "climate change," and I call "global warming," is an existential threat to human civilization. 

Best response? Doing something about it. 

That's going to take a lot of "doing," too!
Don't shoot the messenger!

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