Sunday, July 30, 2023

#211 / Common Enemy - Common Cause


All of us who believe in God and are disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ have a common enemy in the agnosticism, atheism, and nihilism that are deeply affecting our culture and especially the minds of young people. I believe it is important for us to join together in common cause against this common enemy. And it is in that spirit that I come before you today.
          Bishop Robert Barron
That is Bishop Barron, pictured, as he gave a commencement address on May 13, 2023, at Hillsdale College. That is the Bishop's quote, above, the second paragraph of his address. The "spirit" of the Bishop's address was to urge the graduates to join in a fight against a "common enemy." 

As I mentioned not too long ago, I am more and more impatient with those who define our "mission" in life (in politics, or religion, or otherwise) as a quest to call out and fight an "enemy." I was disappointed to see what the Bishop said, and to see him tell the graduating students he addressed that they should define their life in just those terms. 

If we are to discover and pursue a "common cause" in this life, it must not be defined by seeking out, and finding, and fighting an "enemy." Our common cause must be to bring ourselves together, across all the boundaries of nationality, race, gender, political party, age, education, wealth, and other factors, to address, in common, all the challenges we face, and to realize all the opportunities we have before us.

Shame on the Bishop. 

I wish I had been the one giving that commencement address.

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