Saturday, June 24, 2023

#175 / This Just In


A friend of mine copied me on a recent email in which he weighed in on the future of transportation. I thought the meme he included in his email (see above) was a very nice way to make a very good point. 

What we mostly need now, as the imminent threat of global warming grows ever more formidable, is not to discover a way to continue to do everything we are doing now, but with fewer carbon emissions. What we really need now is to DO LESS. 
Doing less will require collective action, of course, but it will also require each one of us to demonstrate that we understand what doing less really means.
What it means is that each one of us must do less, individually. We must buy less, consume less, travel less, demand less, across virtually every category of what we now do. Driving cars is just such a category.

This is a message that is "just in," for all of us who haven't fully absorbed what is really required, right now!
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