Tuesday, June 20, 2023

#171 / Localizers


Having been a local government official for twenty years, in Santa Cruz County, California, and having been the statewide chairperson of a California nonprofit group called the "Local Government Commission," I have always been rather partial to the idea that "local" actions and activities are the most effective way to change the world. 
Small groups. Local action. That's the formula.
Perhaps those reading this blog posting may remember a piece of advice that used to be handed out by environmentalists at every convenient opportunity: 
Think Globally, Act Locally
If you click this link, Wikipedia will give you some background information about that phrase. From what I can tell, the phrase is not being employed very much these days - and the "Local Government Commission" has changed its name to "Civic Well."
Maybe, though, the idea of "local" action (with "global" ambitions) is making a comeback. Recently, I got an email bulletin that invited me to celebrate "World Localization Day," which is coming up tomorrow, on June 21st. If you want to find out more, you can click this link. That link should take you to an online portal where you can sign up for a live conversation with those active in this global movement that aims at the "local." It seems to be free!

What got to me, in the email that appeared in my inbox, about a week ago, was the use of the word "localizers." That was a new expression to me, but I am pretty sure I know exactly what they're talking about. Taking big ideas, ideas that are "global" in their scope, and making them actually happen at a "local" level, is what "localizers" always do. 

I should know. I was one. Maybe you should be one, too!
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