Friday, June 16, 2023

#167 / Birdhouse People


It could be that it's some sort of "secret society," that band of people with "Birdhouse" tattoos on their inner arms. I met such a person, recently (I count her as a friend), who told me the story of how she got that "Birdhouse" tattoo.

It seems that when she was in third grade, or around that time, anyway, her father had to be working in a town about four hours distant from the family home. That meant that her father could really only show up on the weekends, and one weekend, when he came back home, he brought with him a collection of something like twenty-five small birdhouses, all of which were hand-crafted, and which he had built during the evenings when he was committed to that far-away-from-home assignment.

The birdhouses were for his daughter, and for his daughter's elementary school classmates. The teacher oversaw a mammoth class project, with each student in the class being able to paint his or her own birdhouse, and then bring that birdhouse back home to the student's family - and to any birds in the neighborhood who might need lodging. 
For the daughter of the father who built the birdhouses (the "Birdhouse" builder is the father of that friend of mine), "Birdhouses" came to symbolize an enduring care and concern for others. We should all be trying to be "Birdhouse People," she told me.
That tattoo on my friend's inner arm is there to remind her that it is possible for each one of us to manifest an unselfish care and concern for others. She got that tattoo to make sure that she, personally, didn't forget that. 

So, if you see one of those tattoos, now you'll know what to think. Is that "Birdhouse" tattoo the sign of a secret society?

Well, I'd like to think that we might all start sharing that secret, and that we all might join up. 
What do you think? Would you like to be a "Birdhouse Person," too?

I would!
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