Friday, June 2, 2023

#153 / It's A Nice Day! (Global Warming Edition)


Look at my headline, then look at that picture. Makes you think I need to define what sort of a "day" I am talking about, doesn't it? That picture doesn't seem like a very "nice day" depiction, does it?
In fact, the day on which I am writing this blog posting really is a nice day in Santa Cruz, California, but that day is not Friday, June 2nd, which is the day that you may be reading this. I am writing this blog posting on Friday, March 24, 2023, and I am quite a bit ahead of myself, as you can tell, since the day you will be reading this (if you are reading this) is scheduled to be a date in early June, more than a month from the date that I am writing down these thoughts. I am hoping it's a nice day for you, too, on that future day at the start of June!
The above picture is from a newspaper article published on March 23rd (the day before the day I actually wrote this posting). The article that goes along with the picture, documenting the terrible weather we had just experienced, predicted that there was more bad weather to come, with another "atmospheric river" headed our way. Again, I am writing this posting on March 24th. I am hoping that whatever hits us in the next few days (predicted to be bad) will all be gone by the date you read this. 
I fear, though, that it's not going to be a good day in Pajaro (a little community just across the Santa Cruz County line, in Monterey County), even a month from now. Below is a picture of the flooding that Pajaro has just experienced, and what they are looking to try to clean up. The day I am writing this, March 24th, is the first day that residents evacuated from Pajaro have been permitted back into their homes, after flooding that occurred on March 14th and 15th.

It is Mark Twain, I guess, who gets credit for this famous aphorism, whether that credit is justifiable or not: 

Everybody Talks About The Weather But Nobody Does Anything About It
In fact, if we are honest with ourselves (and there are lots of reasons to try to escape confronting the realities), this famous saying is no longer true. 

We are doing something about the weather. We are making our weather worse, whether we think about floods, or droughts, or melting icebergs, or birds dying from extreme heat and falling out of the sky, dead, in India.
Global warming, which is the cause of the "Climate Change" that is the genteel way we have chosen to describe our worldwide crisis, won't be reversed in a "day," and not in a "month," and not in a decade, either. 
But every day that we find some reason to continue burning hydrocarbon fuels is one more "nice day" that leads, inevitably, to more misery and death.
Those who are poor, in Pajaro and India, are those who tend to be affected first, but don't think we aren't all "in this together." 
We are! And don't let some nice weather on June 2, 2023, fool you. If June 2nd does turn out to be a "nice day," where you are living, don't take too much comfort from that. We are all living on borrowed time. 

That's the truth of all these "nice days" we may be having - from here on out!
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