Tuesday, May 30, 2023

#150 / 200 Miles A Day


The picture is of Michael Collier (1957-2023), former newspaper editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, where he was responsible for editing political news. According to the obituary printed in the Chronicle's March 5, 2023, edition, Collier was a "journalist's journalist." He died young - untimely young - in an automobile accident in Oregon. 

I was struck by the following statement in the obituary:

Kristin Bender, a news writer at KTVU, met him through a mutual friend 25 years ago and bicycled countless miles with him as he grew from a novice to a USA Cycling certified coach who liked to pedal 200 miles in a day. “He just really went for it and kept getting better and better,” Bender said. “He absolutely loved cycling and the outdoors.”
200 miles a day! I just thought I should make mention of that. That struck me. We should never underestimate our own abilities. That's what struck me in the obituary. I think Collier was on to an important life lesson. 
When I read the obituary, I thought about the blog posting I had just published that day. What Collier did was "Awesome," don't you think? Collier "just really went for it."
So might we all (in all sorts of different ways)!
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