Tuesday, May 9, 2023

#129 / Best Case - Worst Case


Readers of the news are increasingly exposed to lots stories about what is likely to happen in the 2024 presidential election. An article from the end of April - from April 28, 2023, in fact - got me to thinking about what might be the "best case" scenario for the upcoming elections. And that, of course, got me also thinking about what might be the "worst case." 
No problem with the "worst case" designation. Former president Donald J.Trump runs for reelection, wins the Republican Party primary and then defeats the Democratic Party candidate, who will probably be our current president, Joe Biden. Definitely the "worst case" scenario, as far as I am concerned. 

But what about the "best case" scenario? Well, reading a story about Ron DeSantis going abroad to "find his footing" (the story I linked, above), I suddenly realized that the "best case" scenario would be for Donald Trump to lose the Republican Party nomination. Maybe Mr. DeSantis can accomplish that. Maybe not. Maybe nobody can accomplish that, but what if even the Republican Party were to repudiate our former president? 

The way I see it, that is definitely a "best case" outcome!
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