Sunday, March 26, 2023

#85 / Good Advice From A One Time Nun

The Jewel Theatre, in Santa Cruz, recently presented the "World Premier" of "Little Heart,"a new play by Irene O’Garden. The play is based on the life of world-famous artist Corita Kent, also known as Sister Mary Corita Kent. Kent was an American artist, designer and educator, and former religious sister. Key themes in her work included Christianity, and social justice. She was also a teacher at the Immaculate Heart College, a private, Catholic college located in Los Angeles, California.
It is too late, now, to see the play (though more plays are coming to the Jewel Theatre stage). "A Doll's House, Part 2" will open on March 29th." Over The River And Through The Woods" will play from May 24th through June 18th.
I attend all the plays at The Jewel Theatre, but I especially liked remembering how important it was to have artists and the clergy speak out against the War in Vietnam - artists like Sister Corita, the Catholic Nun who used her art to denounce the war (among other things). 
I think that Sister Corita's "10 Rules" are pretty good, too! You can see them above, copied from the program on the day I saw the play. Since I am a "teacher" now, more than I am either an "attorney" or a "politician," I particularly appreciate Rules #2 and #3. Absolutely on target, from my experience!

And then.... there's a lot to be said for that Rule #7! That, too, rings true!

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