Saturday, March 11, 2023

#70 / I Spoke Up. I Got Fired.


Rose Abramoff, pictured, is an earth scientist. In an opinion piece published in the January 13, 2023, edition of The New York Times, Abramoff tells how she and a colleague took action at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union, held in December of last year, unfurling a banner that read, "Out of the lab and into the streets." 
This relatively minor effort at climate activism resulted in Abramoff's expulsion from the conference she was attending, and the launch of a professional misconduct inquiry. She was also terminated from her employment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, located outside Knoxville. The Times' paywall permitting, you can read the entire story by clicking that link in the first paragraph.

Another story, published in The Times on the same day, was headlined as follows: "The Last 8 Years Were the Hottest on Record." While I am distressed to learn what happened to Abramoff, I do think, given everything we know, that our earth scientists should be following Abramoff's example:




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