Wednesday, March 1, 2023

#60 / "Secret" Intelligence


The New York Times has reported that the United States government has "decided some intelligence shouldn't be secret." As explained by The Times, this decision to talk about what has heretofore been "secret" is a decision that is intended "to convince allies" to take some action that the United States government wants them to take. If anyone reading this blog posting wants to find out more, you can hope that The Times' paywall will not prevent you from reading the whole story, as linked right here.

I have a thought about "secret intelligence" and "classified information" that may not be popular, or widely shared. My thought is this: Our form of government is based on the principle that "we, the people" are in charge, but the fact that people working for us are allowed to hide the facts about important matters undercuts our ability actually to be in charge of the government. 

If there is widespread suspicion and resentment about the so-called "Deep State," a lot of that suspicion and resentment stems, in my opinion, from the fact that "our" government officials tell us ("we, the people") that we aren't supposed to know what or why they are doing various things (in our name) - specifically including taking actions that might result in getting us into a nuclear war (or any other war, for that matter). 

Is this just my feeling, or do others also think that if we really believe in "self-government," that all those who are, in our system, both governors and "the governed," need to know the facts. 

Just a thought! I hope you'll think about that, too!
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