Thursday, February 9, 2023

#40 / Cake Not Crumbs

The same day I received an edition of The Nation magazine that featured a discussion about whether alien spaceship pilots were likely to be "socialists," I also received the January/February 2023 edition of In These Times. Hamilton Nolan, labor writer for In These Times, contributed an article with the following headline: "Workers Deserve Cake, Not Crumbs." Alien spaceships were not mentioned.
The more conventional labor/political reporting provided by Nolan "speaks to our condition," as the Quakers might say, far better than the perhaps more "entertaining" idea that socialist aliens, manning flying saucers, are now penetrating our airspace. Color me skeptical when it comes to those socialist saucer pilots.

I am not a bit skeptical when it comes to this statement by Nolan:
Political power will always follow from labor power, not vice versa... Organized labor will grow more powerful by organizing workers. Unions will become their own power centers, an politicians will then come calling. Not vice versa... Do not make the mistake we made in the Obama years settling for the wolves of neoliberalism out of fear that the dragons on the Right were even worse. Spend every last cent possible on organizing workers... Good things happen when we organize workers. Bad things happen when we don't.
So, let's take what Nolan says to heart. Time to organize by, for, and on behalf of workers!

Assistance from socialist space aliens will be welcomed, but let's not count on it. I think it's going to be up to us!
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