Sunday, January 29, 2023

#29 / Tiny Love Story

When I visited my father to celebrate his 88th birthday.

My father opened his apartment door and held out a coffee mug. “It’s a beautiful cup!” he said. “You need to take it.” I wheeled my suitcase into the guest room. “Take the cup!” he said, following behind. I told him I didn’t need it. After three days of him continually offering “the cup,” which was really a mug, I accepted. It was a thank you gift he had received for donating money to a prominent L.G.B.T.Q. organization. I never came out to my father, but I finally understood: He knew and was proud of me. — Lori Horvitz

This "Tiny Love Story" is from The New York Times.  
This one..... I don't know. 
Reconciliation without words. Acceptance without acknowledgment. 
It's what we all both want and need.
It made me cry.
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