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#185 / We Are The Majority


A claim that "We Are The Majority" is advice that comes from Michael Moore, who is pictured above. Among his other endeavors and accomplishments (click this link to get a Wikipedia listing of some of them), Moore publishes a regular Substack blog
On June 12, 2022, Moore's blog posting was titled, "I Was Elected, 50 Years ago Today." Since what Moore says goes to our understanding of what "democracy" is all about, I thought it made sense to highlight Moore's advisory as our national holiday celebrating the democratic origins of our nation draws near. 
Until I read all about it in Moore's blog, I had no idea that Moore had ever been an elected official, but he provides some rather convincing proof, by way of a picture of a June 14, 1972, news article, demonstrating that Moore was elected to the Davison, Michigan school board, at the age of eighteen. It appears that he was the top vote-getter, too. 

Rather than reproduce the entirety of what Moore has to say, I invite you to click this link, to get the full story direct from Moore's blog. 
Here, however, is an excerpt from that blog posting, providing the "lesson" that Moore draws from the story he tells about his own experience. As with virtually all of Moore's stories, it's a good story, so do read the entire blog posting: 
I tell this story mainly to encourage some of you, all of you, that it doesn’t take much to be engaged, to get involved. Even a kid can do it. We are at a point that if we all don’t push through our cynicism, dump our hopelessness and get off the couch, we are going to witness the end of our Democracy and the chance to turn that thing we call “life, liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” into a reality for everyone (emphasis added). 
It starts by going to a March For Our Lives Rally yesterday, or a Women’s March the day the Supreme Court extinguishes one more right. 
It starts by you running for local office. What are you waiting for? 
It starts with watching the prime time January 6th hearing from last Thursday night (C-Span link) and telling everyone you know what you learned. 
It starts with you understanding the power you already have — and using it....
We Are The Majority
Moore is oh, so right about that. We are either citizens or subjects. 

You choose!

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