Saturday, June 5, 2021

#156 / Blogging On!

The New York Times reported on June 2, 2021, that former president Donald J. Trump has shut down his blog, and has "removed himself entirely from the internet." 
The Trump blog, called "From the Desk of Donald J. Trump," was apparently getting very little traffic, and friends told Trump that it was "making him look small and irrelevant." 

Meantime, the "traffic" generated by this blog - the one you're reading - is far below the numbers that our former president found so unacceptably low. Despite the significantly non-viral existence of my blog (I sort of tell myself, "who's counting, anyway?"), I can report that the biologic model for this blog is less the Mayfly and more the Desert Tortoise, which is known to live from fifty to eighty years. 

I am starting to get near that eighty year mark, personally, and this blog has now appeared, each day, 4,179 times (almost eleven and one-half years, and counting).
Feel free to publicize this blog, if you like it. Tell your friends! Subscribe, so you never miss it! If, however, none of this encouragement appreciably increases my "traffic count" (which I suspect will be the case), I am not going to conclude that I am "small and irrelevant."
We are not "irrelevant." Never! None of us is "irrelevant." As Ugo Betti said (and Jesse Jackson said the same), we are all "immensely, immensely important." 
You are important. Me, too! All of us are, and if we could ever get it together to act in common, we'd be invincible.
So, read the excerpt from Ugo Betti's play, "The Burnt Flower Bed," included below, and be aware of this: I am not planning to shut down this blog. 

I am blogging on!
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