Monday, December 21, 2020

#356 - Tri-Valley CARES


Yesterday, I wrote about the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace, identifying Mothers for Peace as an inspiring example of how ordinary people can play an effective part in our system of democratic self-government - and even with respect to a subject that is as complex as the regulation of nuclear power plants. It is not true that effective citizen participation becomes impossible when complex and technical issues are at the center of citizen concerns. 

No sooner had I written that blog posting than I thought of another example of how ordinary citizens have determined to learn about, and then impact, issues that most people might think are beyond the ability of ordinary people to influence. Here is a shout out to Tri-Valley CARES, another inspiring example of citizen involvement and participation. I am extending an invitation for you to find out more about this incredible group.

Tri-Valley CARES (Communities Against A Radioactive Environment) is based in Livermore, California, and is having a major impact on the national government's efforts to renew and expand the United States' arsenal of nuclear weapons. Just click the link to see the amazing scope of the group's activities.  

By the way, just to be clear, Tri-Valley CARES is against the "upgrading" and expansion of the United States' stockpile of nuclear weapons. I hope you are, too!

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