Tuesday, September 15, 2020

#259 / The Privilege Of Our Participation

Every morning, I read five newspapers - all in hard copy. I have signed up for innumerable newsletters, magazines, and bulletins of all kinds, and I scan them online. I consider it a privilege to learn what is happening in the world, and to find out what people are thinking and doing. 

Am I alone in believing that it is a privilege to be so connected to the world? I don't think I am. Knowing about the world, and thinking about it, is one kind of participation in the human project, and at some level I believe that we all know that, and are grateful for the fact that each one of us is engaged with the world. 

What is our right relationship to the world we read about, and that we witness all around us? At least for me, "the news" is an evidence of both promise and possibility. It is a privilege to participate in the world simply by recognizing my connection to the realities I observe. 

It is a privilege, too, to help create those realities ourselves, and to realize that we can do that. 

As I read "the news," I find out that it is people just like me who are creating all the infuriating and inspiring glories of our human life. This is the greatest privilege of all, to recognize and realize that we are all part of the world that human beings have created, and that we create again each day. 

Each one of us, alive, is privileged not only to participate by way of observation, but by acting, too, both individually and collectively. 

This world we are so privileged to read about is the world we make, ourselves!

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