Wednesday, August 26, 2020

#239 / Let's Have A Talk

Rolling Stone Daily ran an article a little while ago that I think is worth reading. If you haven't already read it, click on the this link: "Can Millions of Deep Conversations With Total Strangers Beat Trump - and Heal America?"

The article treats talking to other people as a campaign "technique." Talking to others can (at least sometimes) change their minds. What a concept!

I do think that the telephone outreach program documented by Rolling Stone is a good "technique," in terms of political campaigning, but I would like to suggest that this idea doesn't have to be seen in that framework alone. 

In fact, we should regularly be talking to other people - those whom we know, and those whom we don't; those with whom we agree, and those with whom we probably don't agree. This activity - talking to other people - is an essential element of democratic self-government. 

A while back, I suggested "Let's Take A Walk." That is still (and always) a good idea. 

So, "let's have a talk."  That Rolling Stone article is suggesting another good idea! Still and always!

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