Sunday, June 28, 2020

#180 / Eye Of The Fly

After writing yesterday about the failure of the "red"/"blue" dichotomy to provide a safe route to a knowledge of "the truth," I started thinking about the eye of the fly. 

The fly has a different approach to reality than we do. Flies "see" reality with a set of "compound" eyes. We see "one" image, and know it's "the truth." Flies sees a lot of different images, and then piece them together to understand what's coming to get them.

I think we might at least think about the benefits of a multifocal approach to knowing the truth, and should consider the idea that "the truth" of our situation in the world can only be discovered as we piece together the perspectives from lots of us. 

Any individual who claims that she or he knows "the truth" is almost certainly missing things that are of vital importance. Let's get the perspectives of others, to try to develop a more accurate, compound understanding of what's coming to get us

Hey, that's actually a lot like the way politics is supposed to work!

Fancy that!

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