Monday, May 11, 2020

#132 / Tattoos United Against The Terror Of Death

Below, I have printed out Statement #10 in a list of ten "Headliner" statements by actress Janet McTeer. The column from which I got this quote was published in the Sunday, March 29, 2020, edition of The New York Times. What McTeer says there seems worth repeating. Our words can, indeed, become "emotional tattoos." 

Whether we speak them, or write them, may we strive, always, to say the words that convey to all others the indelible truths that we have been so privileged to have had revealed to us. Let us not fear to say the words. Let everyone know. Fear not to inscribe an emotional tattoo upon the heart of everyone we love, of everyone we know! 

The tattoo above is dedicated to my two children, Sonya and Philips, and let me say also to the three grandchildren whom I am so happy to have known: Dylan, Delaney, and Jay.

10. The Power of Words
We live in a world where our means of expression are getting shorter with texts and quick emails, and the art of the letter has gone. And I come from a land where you grew up breathing Shakespeare. In the end, words are just so important .... Words can become emotional tattoos. If somebody says something beautiful to you, you can remember it forever.

Let us never forget that it is our calling to be remembered forever. 

For what we say.

For what we do.

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