Tuesday, April 28, 2020

#119 / Wicked

Our nation (and the world entire) is just like a candle. We are burning from the top on down. What is most distressing about our government, our economy, and our society is what we see at "the top." In fact, that is just about the only thing we can see. What is happening at "the top" is what we read about in our newspapers, what we see on television, at the movies, and what the Internet delivers to us all in a constant stream. 

Our attention is constantly wicked upwards, to the President, to the corrupt politicians who support him, to the corrupt politicians who oppose him, to celebrity, to money, to everything that is "above" us, beyond our reach, as we live our own lives at the bottom. 

Our money, too, of course, is wicked right away: billions and trillions that are earned by the lowest of the low-wage workers are disposed of by those at "the top." Our money is wicked away to provide even more wealth to the wealthy, and to provide military contractors with the money they need to develop ever more deadly weapons of destruction. Our money is wicked away as subsidies to the oil companies that are providing the fuel that is burning up our planet.

We are burning from the top on down. 

We must redirect our attention. We must redirect our efforts. The light that truly lights up this world is the light you will see in your children's smiles. We are illuminated not by the celebrities, but in the love we feel for our neighbor, and that our neighbor feels for us, as we share lemons from an abundant tree. We burn with love in the greetings we get in a local shop, or at a restaurant, as we do that pick-up thing we all are doing now.

The true light of the world shines forth from everyone who is closest to you. Here. Where we actually are. At the bottom!

We must redirect our attention. 

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