Sunday, April 19, 2020

#110 / Join Now!

Fremontia is a print magazine published by the California Native Plant Society (CNPS). The pictured tree is on the cover of the May 2019, edition of the magazine.

A tree not unlike the one pictured above is featured in that book I recommended yesterday (The Overstory). While it might have been logical for me to think about CNPS after reading The Overstory, today's blog posting was actually inspired by the March 2020, edition of Fremontia, the print version of which reached me within the last couple of weeks. This latest edition of the magazine contains some extremely powerful articles on "California Fires: Challenges and Proposed Solutions." The March 2020, edition does not seem to be available online quite yet, and the printed version of the magazine is available only to CNPS members. 

So, why not join? That would be my suggestion!

CNPS is an incredibly effective nonprofit group, strongly based on member participation. CNPS has local chapters of activists and supporters around the state, including chapters in both Santa Cruz County and Monterey County

I forged a strong bond with the legislative advocate for CNPS, while I worked as a lobbyist in Sacramento, representing the Planning and Conservation League (PCL), which is another great environmental group. I was proud to serve as both General Counsel and Executive Director of PCL, and I am also proud to have represented the Santa Cruz Chapter of CNPS in some legal/political work to protect native habitat in my hometown. 

If you are not helping to support environmental protection locally and statewide, through your membership in these and other great environmental groups (and that list definitely includes Sierra Club, California), please consider doing that. 

In fact, just like the title to today's blog posting says: 


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