Tuesday, December 3, 2019

#337 / Dirty Diapers Meet The Internet

I teach a course in the Legal Studies Program at the University of California's Santa Cruz campus. The course is LGST 196, "Privacy, Technology, And Freedom." I pay a lot of attention to news stories bearing on those topics, and I maintain an online inventory of relevant articles that I hope will be of interest to students in the course. I have a complete folder called, "The Internet of Things," with articles that describe how modern technology is linking physical objects of various kinds to the Internet. 

Using commercially available modern technology, for instance, you can set up cameras that will surveil your home, and then use those cameras, connected to the Internet, to watch what happens remotely. You can operate your thermostat remotely, too. And why not equip your home with a refrigerator that will create shopping lists? No more wondering, at the store, if you should buy eggs! Samsung offers you a "Family Hub" refrigerator that makes that possible. Various kinds of "personal assistants" will play your favorite songs and movies (and spy on you, too, at no additional cost).

The latest addition to my collection of articles highlighting the Internet of Things describes a product available from Proctor & Gamble - Internet connected diapers. Click that link to read all about it.

Ain't progress grand?

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