Saturday, September 21, 2019

#264 / Globalization In A Positive Key

Playing For Change has a great idea. The idea is that instead of bombing, killing, and hating each other, people from around the world should be trying to find a way to celebrate and make manifest our common humanity, and everything that brings us all together. 

Music is certainly a wonderful way to do that, so here is some music from Playing For Change. I have to thank my friend Abra Bennett for alerting me, through Facebook, to the extraordinary video recording that is presented in this blog post.

What you will see (and hear) is one of my favorite songs - The Weight, as originally written and recorded by Robbie Robertson and The Band. It is performed here by musicians from five different continents. Ringo Starr is on the drums. 

You can read how Playing For Change managed to produce this video recording by clicking on this link, which will take you to a September 18, 2019, story in Rolling Stone

But just play that video first! That is my recommendation. I bet you'll have the same teary-eyed reaction I did.

We can make it. 

That's what this music made me think.

You know, we can make it if we will just remember who we really are!

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