Tuesday, September 17, 2019

#260 / Someone Even Worse!

Stansberry Research provides investment advice. At least, that is what you will deduce from a visit to its website, which I have linked above. Click on that link and you will see how Stansberry Research is presenting itself to the world at large. 

If you click this link, on the other hand, you will find yourself presented with the image I have placed and the top of this blog posting, along with a video presentation narrated by someone named Bill Shaw, who is associated with Stansberry Research.* This link was sent to me in a recent email, which I duplicate below: 

Naturally, since I am following the Democratic Party presidential primaries rather closely, I was interested in what female candidate for president could possibly be "even worse" as a president than Hillary Clinton, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, or Michelle Obama. Could it be Kamala Harris? Or, what about Amy Klobuchar? Maybe the "even worse" candidate that is being talked about is Marianne Williamson. Whoever this person is, Stansberry Research claims that she is "practically guaranteed" to win!

Frankly, I don't know who Stansberry Research is talking about. I simply lost patience after five minutes or so, and if you'd like to watch the video, and to get the answer, you should be prepared to spend lots of time. The video is really an extended sales pitch for publications from Stansberry Research, and I got bored before the "punch line." The marketing plan here appears to be premised on the idea that if Stansberry Research can generate hysterical fears about the future of American politics then those people made hysterical will be persuaded that they need Stansberry's advice to protect themselves from economic disaster. If you are willing to listen to long minutes of finely-crafted hysteria, you can click this link to get access to the video and find out who that "even worse" female presidential candidate could possibly be. 

I do have a reaction to the approach being taken here. While I am quite distressed by the nature of our current politics (mostly worried about our current president and the Senatorial sycophants who are allowing him to hollow out our government), I refuse to be hysterical about our political and economic future. When we no longer have confidence in our system of self-government, we disempower ourselves. Whether you feel disempowered by concerns about incipient "socialism," or by fears of incipient "fascism," a belief that our government is now almost certainly guaranteed to do horrible things, and that our government is beyond our control, will undermine our ability to make our government do what we want. 

We actually do have the power to make our government operate on behalf of the people, but only when we become actively engaged in the political process. I am not afraid of getting engaged, and I am not going to let Stansberry Research, or anyone else, convince me that economic and political doom is "practically guaranteed." 
* Interestingly, I initially tried to post the video link to Facebook, intending to make a brief comment about it, and to make it available to my Facebook Friends, along with my comment. Facebook wouldn't let me post the link, saying that the link violated their community standards. 

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  1. I read recently that some Trump supporters LOVE his lies and the chaos he creates because they think our government is so awful, whatever evolves after it collapses will have to be better. I wonder how many examples of such scenarios there are, historically.


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