Sunday, August 11, 2019

#223 / 5G Wireless? G-Whiz! And Watch Out!

If you would like to read an article titled, "Everything iPhone Users Need to Know About 5G Wireless," please click that link. Just be aware that the article does NOT tell you "everything you need to know."

This article, and many like it, emphasize the "Gee Whiz" aspects of this proposed new 5G technology. How about complete movies downloaded in seconds? How about autonomous cars?

Gee Whiz, Mr. Science, that 5G wireless sounds really keen!

What people have NOT been told about 5G wireless is that there are potential health impacts that have not been fully evaluated. Here is a link to an informative video, for those who want to learn more. Remember, you won't find out about any of the potential problems from Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T!

Here is another thing. What people have NOT been told is that the federal government is attempting to prevent any local or state government from interfering with the upcoming rollout of this new 5G wireless technology.

On this coming Tuesday, August 13, 2019, the Santa Cruz City Council is slated to adopt an ordinance governing the installation of 5G wireless hot spots throughout the City of Santa Cruz, massively increasing the number of these radiation-emitting antennas in the local community, and allowing them to be placed not high above the ground, but at street level, where human exposure will be greatest (this is what the federal government requires, not necessarily what our local elected officials want).

You can find a link to the City Council agenda right here. Materials relating to the 5G wireless issue are found as part of Agenda Item #25.

Local activists, and particularly a group called called EMF-Aware-Santa Cruz, are trying to persuade the Council to impose the maximum controls possible, and to make it easy to appeal any grant of a permit for a 5G wireless installation. If you think that would be a good idea, and would like to communicate with the Council on this matter (and that's encouraged), you can send an email to the City Council by clicking this link.

I continue to believe that the "precautionary principle" is the proper approach to proposed new technologies. That is not what is happening with the proposed rollout of 5G wireless. To the degree that our local government can stand up for the local community, as the federal government seeks to sweep possible objections under the rug, I'm in favor of local control! Those concerned can attend the City Council meeting Tuesday, or send the Council a message in advance!

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