Sunday, August 4, 2019

#216 / There Is No Emoticon For What I Feel

I don't get all my news from Facebook, but I do get some! I first saw the image above, for instance, on Sunday, July 21, 2019. A Facebook Friend had posted it. 

As those who have experience with Facebook know, Facebook solicits a reaction to every post. The most common reaction has got to be the LIKE. Here's the emoticon you use for that: 

If you really LOVE whatever you are seeing, Facebook suggests you click on this emoticon: 

Use this HAHA emoticon if what you have seen on Facebook makes you laugh:

And what about WOW? Facebook has an emoticon for that, too: 

Facebook does have a couple of emoticons that might be relevant when reacting to the Facebook item I have highlighted at the top of this blog posting:

Here is the SAD emoticon: 

And this is the one you use when something you have seen makes you ANGRY:

I actually like to use WORDS to say what I mean, and to express what I feel, and emoticons don't really do the job for me, in almost any case. In this case, the case of the disappearing ice cap, that is particularly true. My reaction is at least two-fold: (1) Profound sadness. (2) Righteous anger. Where is the emoticon for that? I couldn't find any truly relevant emoticons on one of those "get your emoticons online" sites, either. 

You can watch the disappearing Arctic Polar Ice Cap, yourself, in time-lapse photography, by simply clicking on the video link below. Let me know if you can find an emoticon for what you feel when you watch the ice disappear!

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