Friday, July 12, 2019

#193 / 5,000 Days

A recent newpaper article has told me that David Crosby, pictured above, is "facing the end." As Kurt Vonnegut might have said, "so it goes." My own take? "So don't we all."

I recently went in for a long-deferred "annual" physical exam. The doctor told me I seemed pretty healthy, and that it was likely that I would live until I am ninety years old. That is, roughly, 5,000 more days for me. 

Doesn't seem like a lot, but I am doing better than Crosby, if my doctor's prediction proves correct.

Crosby is "going to have a heart attack in the next year or two, and that will be it," according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal (click that link; if you can get through the paywall the article is well worth reading). 

Faced with inevitable death and demise, Crosby, who is seventy-seven years old, is pumping out new music as quickly as he can. He is "afraid of dying after battling hepatitis C, receiving a liver transplant and now struggling with diabetes, on top of his cardiac issues." Here's Crosby: 

People don’t talk about death, or they adopt some fairy tale like sitting on a cloud playing a little harp. Hogwash. No matter how long you have, the question is the same: What are you going to do with it? I want to make the world better, and the only thing I can contribute is music. I can make good music that will lift you up. That’s what I’m supposed to do.”

I think David Crosby is right on target with this observation. We all ought to be making friends with the inevitable, not trying to play dodgeball with reality. I also think that the new film about Crosby, produced by filmmaker Cameron Crowe, and discussed in the article in The Wall Street Journal, is likely to deliver a message that should resonate with us all. It certainly resonates with me.

The film on Crosby, opening on July 19, 2019, is called "Remember My Name." 

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