Sunday, February 24, 2019

#55 / Make The Road

Students in my Legal Studies class have been bringing in "What's In The News?" items relating to the legal topics we are discussing. Recently, as we discussed "Criminal Procedure," a student brought in an article about a case in New York City involving "false personation." Mentioned in the article, in passing, was the fact that the person unfairly charged with this crime was a member of a group called "Make The Road." I guessed that this group must be refrencing what may be my favorite poem, by the Spanish poet Antonio Machado. When I checked online, I discovered that my supposition was correct. The group's name, in Spanish, is Se Hace Camino Neuva York.

I have previously posted a video/musical presentation of Machado's wonderful poem. Here it is again, for those who may have missed it the first time around. Plus, I'm providing the lyrics in Spanish, and with an English translation (you should be able to click the image to make it larger and more readable). 

I hope you agree: Machado's poem is a powerful statement of our human condition: 

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