Thursday, December 13, 2018

#347 / How To Save The World

Malia Wollan has written a column for The New York Times that is the perfect follow-on to my blog posting yesterday. Yesterday, the topic was loneliness. I suggested that in order to combat the political variety of loneliness we are going to have to resuscitate a politics that is based on our personal participation. That mostly means local politics, where we can be the most powerful. I do know something about local politics, having been elected to an important local government office five different times.

In terms of local politics, going door to door is how it's done. If we consider our "community" to be the relationships we have with others in the place we live, and if we admit that these relationships are vital, and that these relationships actually define "the world" that we most immediately inhabit, then going door to door, as Wollan outlines in her engaging column, is just exactly the way to save it.

Talking to ordinary people. That's the secret. If you can accept the idea that it is, in fact, "politics" that is going to save us (and what else will?), then more of us need to learn how to go door to door. Wollan's column gives us "a tip."

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