Tuesday, November 27, 2018

#331 / Integrities Makes A Recommendation

I am once again recommending the journal Integrities, published by the IF Foundation. The most recent edition has what I thought was a particularly insightful opening essay: "Confusion! What Is Really Happening?" 

The essay suggests that the confusion that abounds in our national politics is the result of a deliberate effort by the rich and the powerful to discourage political engagement and participation. The fact that it is difficult to know what is really going on is the desired outcome of those powerful forces that are seeking to abolish democratic self-government. The essence of our political "confusion" is that it is no longer easy (or maybe even possible, sometimes) to determine what is true and what isn't. 

The essay does not suggest retreat and disengagement. In fact, it counsels quite the opposite approach. It ends with the following piece of very good advice: 

Fight Truth Decay

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