Sunday, September 23, 2018

#266 / Happy Campers

Kathleen Sharp found that political, religious, racial, and social differences seemed to disappear at Mt. Ranier National Park, pictured above. Her Op-Ed column in The New York Times was titled, "All Together in the Great Outdoors."

Sharp's column is an "upper," while the news, in general, is more or less a "downer." It was a pleasure to read about her experiences. Here is Sharp's explanation for the good feelings that she and her family experienced among people who (contrary to her own preferences and positions) boasted MAGA bumper stickers and pro-gun insignia: 

Much of our “polarization” seems to be cooked up in a vat of social media, cable TV and talk radio to the benefit of those who gain from our divisions. Put average citizens in the woods, miles from home and away from their phones and other devices, and chances are they’ll lend you their stove, strike up a conversation and perhaps share beer.

More than anything, it seems that Americans want to be happy campers, if only for awhile.

I don't, actually, think you need to go to a National Park to learn that "GOOD PEOPLE DO EXIST." Good people can be found all over the place. 

Right now, in fact. Right in your own hometown.

I think we're the majority!

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