Saturday, June 2, 2018

# 153 / We Had Better Start Cleaning Up

The Bizarro cartoon, above, makes a profound statement about our real situation. The import of the cartoon, in other words, goes beyond the obvious reference to the Republican Party, and the messes that the Republican Party has made and is continuing to make.

There are lots of elephants in the room (and they are trampling around everywhere), and we just don't want to acknowledge any of them: racism, sexism, income inequality, plastic pollution, crushing personal and collective debt, the subversion of our politics by money, autocracy trumping democracy, the loss of personal privacy, global warming, and an economy built on military destruction. 

This is what the politicians call a "partial list....."

We can ignore the elephants, but we still have to clean up after them. Maybe we ought to get started! 

The huge herds of elephants that we have been ignoring are on the move. They are demanding some action! They're heading right for where we live!

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