Wednesday, May 2, 2018

#122 / Just One Word Of Caution

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a restaurant review in its April 18, 2018, edition that should have made anyone who read the review want to hop on a bike, or hunt up the car keys, and head immediately for Humble Sea Brewing Company, located at 820 Swift Street in Santa Cruz. 

I don't drink, but I was thinking about changing my lifelong habit of abstinence after reading the Sentinel's review. Before I could put on my shoes and socks and get out the door, though, I happened to pick up the latest edition of Mother Jones, and found myself reading an article titled, "Bottled Up." The subtitle on the Mother Jones' article is: "Did Drinking Give Me Breast Cancer?" 

So ... Just one word of caution. Besides other problems associated with drinking, it appears that alcohol is a known carcinogen. 

Still ... For those who do drink alcohol, and don't intend to quit, and giving some pause to coffee drinkers like myself, it may be worthwhile knowing that coffee is potentially carcinogenic, too!

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