Sunday, April 22, 2018

#112 / NTHE

You can learn something new every day! The other day, I learned what NTHE means. In case you don't know, it means "Near Term Human Extinction." I get an awful lot of emails each day, several hundred at least. One of them, a week or so ago, passed on a posting from from The Great Change website. It had this headline: "NTHE is a Four Letter Word." That posting, with the expression in the headline, didn't bother to explain the acronym, but I looked it up. 

There are definitely two opinions on NTHE. 

Frankly, I am not much interested in trying to predict the future (acting like our human role is to observe what is happening to us). I am more interested in taking action myself - individual action, and action with others - to make things happen the way we want them to.

I don't buy the NTHE is "inevitable" pitch.

Good to know that acronym, though, and to remember that human beings do depend on the World of Nature, and that we need to conform our own activities to the "laws" of that Natural World. Unlike the "laws" in our world, which we can change, the laws of Nature pretty much tell us what our limits are.

One of the big NTHE boosters is a guy named Guy McPherson. He keeps telling everyone that "Nature bats last." 

I do think McPherson is right about that.

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