Friday, February 9, 2018

#40 / Entangled Time

When discoveries by the "scientists" start having an impact on "future metaphysics," according to the scientists themselves, hope returns for those who think that a mechanistic and non-spiritual vision of the world is lacking an essential element. Schrödinger's cat and the resurrection of the dead may or may not be related, but something's pretty weird. 

I do love physics! Don't understand it of course. Here's a link to the article that is accompanied by that colorful, entangled image above. 

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  1. This confusion over time and distance and duality comes about as a result of viewing the Universe(s) as consisting of separate particles, events and processes, when, in fact, the Universe(s) is/are one of piece, a unity, with no separation amongst any elements.

    Therefore, all "particles" (in reality relationships among processes) are entangled, all processes are interrelated, all of the Universe(s) is/are one with the Web of Life.

    If we as a culture and society were intimately aware of this basic reality, we would not be killing each other and all living things, destroying natural habitat and laying waste to the Earth's living biosphere.

    How do we spread this basic knowledge in the face of totalitarian dualistic thinking?

    1. Bingo! That is the way I see it, too! Thanks for the nice comment. As to how to disseminate this view of the reality of our existence (and of all existence), my blog posting is just one small effort to make people think about this matter!


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