Thursday, February 1, 2018

#32 / Citizens On Duty

The caption on the image above, which illustrated an article appearing online in the January 29 / February 5, 2018, edition of The Nation, is "Citizens On Duty..." The hard copy version of the one-page article, by Bill McKibben, was titled, "The Resistance Is Local." As the online version of the article puts it in a pull quote: 

Strong community makes it harder to win by being a jerk...

Considering many of those who represent us in Washington, D.C., and specifically including the President of the United States, minimizing the "jerk factor" is not an insignificant advantage of getting engaged in local politics. 

Engaging in local self-government, however, is not easy, and it is particularly not easy in the larger cities where most of us now live. The picture above, with the citizens "on duty," comes from a Vermont school board meeting. 

The alternative to not reenergizing a vibrant local politics is clear. We're going to have some real jerks running our lives. 

Check out what McKibben says. Then, you choose!

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