Wednesday, January 3, 2018

#3 / Resolute

HMS Resolute*

Thinking about my New Year's "resolutions," 
I came to realize,
That the "resolute" part 
Is what we really must prize.** 


*HMS Resolute was a mid-19th-century barque-rigged ship of the British Royal Navy, specially outfitted for Arctic exploration. Resolute became trapped in the ice and was abandoned in 1854. Recovered by an American whaler, she was returned to Queen Victoria in 1856. Timbers from the ship were later used to construct a desk which was presented to the President of the United States and is currently located in the White House Oval Office.

**The Resolute was returned to its proper place. With resolute commitment, we will get that Oval Office back, in the right place, too!

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  1. I didn't either, until I investigated, better to describe the picture!

    Happy New Year!


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